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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Why I Stopped Playing WoW

The reason I considered going back to WoW was because of the new expansion coming out, Cataclysm. Of course I want to experience the awesome changes coming to WoW, but truly I cannot see myself playing through the boredom again.

It has been about six months since I quit WoW and I’m thankful for the extra 15$ a month I have in my pocket, because I spend 20$ for three months of Xbox Live now.

I spent many hours on WoW, I had four level forty characters and enjoyed my time there for over a year. I mostly stayed to play with friends, but even they could not cure my boredom. Find quest, complete quest, find another quest, complete quest; nothing changed and I discovered I was becoming a pet collector.

Blizzard has a beautiful storyline and I truly thought this was going to help me find a consistent game for RPGing, because all of my friends are flakes and busy, but it turned out to be a repetitive bit of slop. An addicting slop I consumed almost daily to help replace a tabletop game feel, but WoW never did.

Also, I felt depressed I was celebrating holidays online and making tons of gold by selling holiday products. This honestly scared me, because I was proud of the gold I earned through selling pixel generated items.

My school was suffering, my job was suffering, my personal relationships suffered, I’m very glad I quit, because it was creeping into too much of my life. Furthermore, it became boring and thankfully, my ADD kicked in and decided to find something creative to do, like write an article, a short story, make a silly video, anything but waste time on a boring MMORPG.

Many people become addicted to WoW, but they would just pick a different way to be obsessed if WoW did not exist. I’m glad I am unscathed, but I know many families and friends who are still trying to revive their addicted loved ones.

Of course, WoW was not the only game I could blame, in general anything can become an addiction, but what made games especially harmful was how they become a reality to people. Food, money, sex, at least these forms of addiction were apart of the real world, as for WoW it was like developing schizophrenia.

Luckily many people quit when a game becomes boring, like me, but I saw why people become addicted so easily, any activity with a sense of accomplishment pulled people in and made them want more. It was so easy to accomplish goals and it made me feel good too, but I left and I have no intentions of returning.

There are many sites to help with this form of addiction:

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