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Monday, June 21, 2010

My XBox Scratched My Disc

Apparently, when the Xbox 360 is upright there is a risk of the disc inside being moved and scratched within. You do not even have to move the Xbox for this to happen, any movement can be fatal to the disc.

I tried all the tricks to fix the disc, cleaning it, toothpaste, professional fix-it-kits, the game still plays, but it takes two minutes to load any online game.

Luckily, my local Gamestop will take the disc as defective and give me a deal for a new or used game.

However, my question is why is Microsoft ignoring this obvious flaw in their design?
For the rest of the article go here: My Xbox Scratched My Disc


  1. Uh oh... Is that the red ring of death I see on your XBox in the picture above? I have never kept my system vertically. Sorry your system is scratching your discs!

  2. No, it didn't DIE, yet anyway, it's just a pic showing the many flaws of Microsoft.